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Counselling Psychologist | Mental Health Advisor |  Neurodiversity Ally | Inclusion Advocate | Image Consultant | Fashion Stylist | Artist | Facilitator 


An artist at heart, counsellor by profession and a spiritual person by nature, Geetha Solaraj is a counselling psychologist and a mental health advisor with a strong sense of integrity, compassion and understanding. Her USP is to ‘Press Pause’. When there was a big pause during the pandemic, she worked with the local government to counsel hundreds of covid patients to make sure they didn’t feel alone in isolation. She is passionate about the importance of mental health to lead a happy balanced life, which is why she is dedicated to the neurodiversity community to make everyone feel included.


With a certificate in fashion styling from the UK where she lived for more than a decade, she moved to India and has styled many celebrities and magazine covers. Though she loved the glitz and glamour, she realised true beauty shines from within and decided to pursue her masters in psychology. Bringing her creative side to any situation gives her an added edge to look at everything with a different perspective.


As long as one is content or thrives to be happy, you have solved the big puzzle that is this life. Everything else comes and goes. Kids and adolescents are bombarded by multitude of inputs from various sources constantly. In their words “trying to keep it real” is the challenge. "I understand the language of the young with no judgment just compassion".




10 - 19 years

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark room with a mosquito”- Betty Reese

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All-round growth in the habit forming years.  
Mentoring 10 - 19 year olds
on three key areas of their life

Self Development
Social Development
Career Development


10 - 19 years

Weekly LIVE Mentorship for 1 hour
Exposure to 52 must have skills
Daily activities on Brain Development
Digital workbook
Access to Student Community
Certificate of Level Completion
Quarterly conference - TES Talks
Eligible for ME Awards


INR 1900/month*

*Quarterly renewal



7 pm - 8 pm IST 

Ages: 10-18 years



7 pm - 8 pm IST 

Ages: 10-16 years

WHY Geetha?



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Amulya Omkaram
Business Consultant 

My son, got tremendous value under Geetha’s guidance. I can see that a strong relationship has been built based on trust and openness between them. Which in turn has helped improve my relationship with my son. Geetha has been genuinely open in helping my son deal with specific situations. My son has been able to decipher how to navigate through day-to-day challenges and developed a sense of comfort with her to discuss solutions to his problems. Overall, this has been a great positive mentorship experience and has opened doors be able to see things from a fresh new perspective for which I would be forever grateful.

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Summi Dhingra Sharma

In all the years I have known Geetha, more than a few decades, the one quality that stands out is her ability to listen, without prejudice or bias whether she was counselling or coaching. And then getting you to think on the best way to tackle a particular situation, to do or not do something about it and then guide and support you through your decision. Geetha is honest in her opinion, empathetic, extremely helpful and friendly .  Most importantly, always on your side, looking out for what’s best for you!!

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