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Ilavenil's Expressso

Mentor | Asteroid Hunter  | Expositional Storyteller |

Life Coach | Puzzle lover

I'm a Distinguished Toastmaster with Masters degrees in Theoretical Physics and Education. I have also made a remarkable journey from a nervous introvert to a storyteller and humorous speaker. I can sense my protege's needs and tailor my approach to help them grow - I've even taught grammar through programming.
I use storytelling to teach, explain and mentor, and believe that a teacher is an entertainer. A student should find learning as enjoyable as watching a movie or playing a video game.




10 - 19 years

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You are braver than you believe, stronger than
you seem, and smarter than you think.

Career Guidance


All-Round growth in the habit forming years.  
Mentoring 10 - 19 year olds
on three key areas of their life

Self Development
Social Development
Career Development


10 - 19 years

Weekly LIVE Mentorship for 1 hour
Exposure to 52 must have skills
Daily activities on Brain Development
Digital workbook
Access to Student Community
Certificate of Level Completion
Quarterly conference - TES Talks
Eligible for ME Awards


INR 1900/month*

*Quarterly renewal



7 pm - 8 pm IST 

Ages: 10-18 years





Surahira P

The very first thought which comes to my mind about Ilavenil Ma’am is, that she's is a multi-talented person. I have always admired for her down-to-earth nature and oratorical Skills. She's an extremely affable and approachable person.  I had shared a great bonding with her and I wish it continues to be the same. 


Sagar S

It is her tone which made me feel comfortable to listen to everything she had to share. As a mentor, she never sounded as if I was supposed to follow her advices. However, a great understanding has developed between us, which makes her, my go-to person at any given time. Till now I have learnt and also have tried to imbibe so many valuable aspects from her. Plus, I feel very honoured and joyful at the same time by having met a co-traveller like her in this mortal life. May her inspiration reach others likewise.

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Student and Citizen Scientist

With the way Ilavenil Ma’am guided me, I realized that she's really a very kind, very knowledgeable, very professional, very joyful, very enthusiastic person. Her guidance is not just limited to a stipulated time of the session. I'm glad to have such a great person standing at my back and support my venture into space. I'm fortunate enough that I have a mentor like her.

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HR Analyst, Unilog

I met Ilavenil in Mysore Toastmasters club in 2018. She is the one who guided me right from taking small roles in meetings to giving wonderful speeches. She has always encouraged me to learn and take decisions at my own pace which actually helped me to be comfortable in my learning path. 

I can definitely say that anyone who gets to be her mentee will feel lucky because every time I get mentored from her, my confidence grows and with confidence you can win the world.

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Student and Citizen Science Coordinator at SSERD, Bangalore

I have been on quite a journey with Ilavenil, first as a mentor and then a friend. She is one of a kind in both the aspects I have been with her. Her teaching skills are good, she is a very good communicator. She is also very dedicated and passionate about the work she does. Being a citizen scientist as well as training more and more citizen scientists, she is contributing at a very high level for making science to reach more and more people



Sparsh, Undergraduate Student at University of California, Los Angeles
Citizen Science Coordinator 

I met Ilavenil in 2019 at Global Hands-on Universe Conference. Ilavenil is an extraordinary professional. She has rich experience in teaching and has wide variety of skillsets especially science outreach, public speaking, problem solving and leadership .

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Nikilesh Bhat
Flight Lieutenant, Indian Air Force

Ilavenil as a public speaking mentor has a very effective and innovative way of guiding her mentees. Instead of just correcting people, her method involves asking questions which makes her mentees introspect more and enter new realms of their personalities and their speech which they never knew existed. This, as she often says, is not just a learning process for her mentess but also for her where she empathises with them and dwell on them. This process gives a very personal touch to the endeavour. I for one, have benefited multifold from this process and seeing its effectiveness, have adopted a similar kind of approach with my mentees. This constant process of teaching and learning simultaneously narrows the gap between mentors and mentees; making them good friends. This unique technique has been working marvelously thus far and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work in the future. Therefore, her overall mentoring approach is something I can always vouch for and would implement when the necessity arises.

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Kadir Vel Rajan

Ilavenil has been a consistent support throughout my journey in Toastmasters. Inspired by her calm and understanding approach, I have always reached out to Ilavenil in times of need. To cite one incident which shows how she cares for her mentees, I once gave a very poor performance, she came to me and cheered me up and gave constructive feedback which helped me move forward. There is more I want to learn from Ilavenil.

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Miss Ilavenil is an exceptional mentor, who develops her mentees with her knowledge and experience in a very creative way. Helps in building self, social and professional personality skills and much more. She does it all with extreme enthusiasm and efficiency.

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