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Kranthi's Expressso

IIT-IIM Alumnus | Corporate Leader |Certified Yoga Instructor | Mindfulness Coach | Doodle Artist | Sustainable Traveler | Lifestyle Blogger

My Passion: Enabling the future generations in discovering their highest self

and articulating the same.
My Tools/Path: Technology, Yoga, Meditation, Travel, Art
My Purpose: Achieve Self-mastery on all dimensions of life – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.



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Do what you say. Say what you do.



All-Round growth in the habit forming years.  
Mentoring 10 - 19 year olds
on three key areas of their life

Self Development
Social Development
Career Development


10 - 19 years

Weekly LIVE Mentorship for 1 hour
Exposure to 52 must have skills
Daily activities on Brain Development
Digital workbook
Access to Student Community
Certificate of Level Completion
Quarterly conference - TES Talks
Eligible for ME Awards


INR 2000/month*

*Quarterly renewal



7:30 pm - 8:30 pm IST 

Ages: 10-19 years



Build the Tops 8 Skills suggested by the World Economic Forum 
Build your own business using these skills and apply them in
Self Development
Social Development
Career Development



7:30 pm - 8:30 pm IST 

Ages: 10-19 years


Sowmya Ayyar.jpeg

Sowmya Ayyar
Founder and Director, Prafull Oorja 
( Holistic Practices for all )

His smile lights up the lives of children, whether in rural or urban locations. A hard-working, passionate yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, he is equally comfortable with youth or adults, and can morph to meet the needs of anyone he interacts with. Women warm up to him quickly, openly discussing their life problems, while children can't wait to be in the joyous chaos he creates in order to give them a chance at survival and success.

He is Kranthi, a revolutionary who is sure to build capacity in youth and teens looking towards a bright future by providing them with a strong sense of self through the tools needed today.


Jennie Robinson
Training specialist II Everlaw, Inc.
Yogi, Artist, Instructional Design graduate student at Harvard

While working with Kranthi-ji at Prafull Oorja, I came to understand him as a thoughtful, kind and extremely intelligent teacher and guide. His leadership was crucial to the success we had with children and adults. Kranthi embodies wisdom, a gentle approach, and levity that invites all ages to truly listen and learn (myself included). There is always something to learn from a conversation with Kranthi.  


My favorite moments working with Kranthi were in the classrooms. He brought a disciplined work ethic and immense empathy to his interactions with students. He helped create an environment where being curious, kind and smart were essential parts of a worthwhile life.




I was very ungrateful before joining TES, but I soon learnt how important it is to develop an attitude of gratitude.


Kranthi sir is a really nice and kind mentor, he understood me very well and helped me in overcoming Stage fright.


Before this, I was scared to talk to people but now I am now more open to everyone. I am now more confident about myself and I think of the better side of things. 



Before joining TES, I had a vague image of what I want to be and what I want to achieve.
Kranthi Sir helped me in seeing who I want to be and what habits one should develop for
being a better person. I like how calm and patient he is with everyone and also the way he
explains things.

After joining TES, I can now accomplish my goals more easily, I have a clearer vision of what I want to do and achieve in my life. Every session from goal setting to mindfulness has helped me in one way or the other whether it is creating smart goals, journaling or gratitude it has contributed towards my personal growth. I have definitely become more grateful, more calm
and focused towards my goals and other things in life. The turning point would be making my
yellow collar list and my vision board.


I would recommend TES to every teenager who thinks that their dreams are unachievable or
invalid. TES is a great platform to explore yourself and grow with other teens who are
probably going through the same thing that you are. It is a safe space to express yourself and
be who you really are



Before joining TES, I lacked an area to openly share my feelings and interests.


Kranthi Sir's class in TES gave me that area. Along with that, incorporating the skills I have learned thus far into my life has given me new insights, and has made me calmer and more productive.

I would recommend TES to students looking to develop useful life skills, and find their sense of direction in life.

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