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Youth Group Leader | Empath | Social Mediator | Hospitality Expert | Teen Mom | Interior Design Advisor | Traveller | Foodie

I love young people! Children of today are the future of tomorrow - how can we not nurture and grow them to shine light into their own future ....?


Having studied and worked in the USA and the UK within the fields of  Business Management and Hospitality, Mentoring has been an essential skill in my sphere of work. And I believe that everyone deserves a Mentor. 


I have three amazing children  - two young adults and a teen! Parenting them has been a joy  - and one of the biggest challenges of my life! I wouldn’t  change it for the world! They teach me more than any college ever could!




10 - 16 years

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You are wired for excellence - not mediocrity! Make the connections!


All-Round growth in the habit forming years.  
Mentoring 10- 16 year olds
on three key areas of their life

Self Development
Social Development
Career Development


10 - 16 years

Weekly LIVE Mentorship for 1 hour
Exposure to 52 must have skills
Daily activities on Brain Development
Digital workbook
Access to Student Community
Certificate of Level Completion
Quarterly conference - TES Talks
Eligible for ME Awards


INR 1900/month*

*Quarterly renewal



6.30 pm - 7.30 pm IST 

Ages: 13 -16 years




Sarah Khatri

I can confidently say that Sabina is an intelligent and compassionate mentor. Knowing her for over nine years has allowed me to learn and grow professionally, personally, and spiritually from her advice. Her life experience and innate wisdom give her insight and clarity to speak into a wide range of topics. She can listen with grace and provide direction that makes a lasting difference in your life. Her ability to see beyond the problem to identify a solution is inspirational. Having Sabina as a mentor has impacted my life in innumerable ways. I am more confident, vulnerable, productive, and empathetic in all areas of my life due to her input. She will forever be my lifelong mentor.



Sabina has been an impactful mentor for me over the years. She has helped me when I was dealing with challenging situations and given me excellent advice that I could use in various areas of my life. She has always listened to me without any judgment. I have been able to talk to her about anything. She is so loving and nurturing in her responses. She is the most giving person I have ever met. 

Ian correa.jpeg

Ian Correa
CEO | Hope Foundation

Sabina has an innate ability to make people from all strata of society feel at ease. She has gained credibility by being a patient listener, who invests in doing her research and gaining perspective, prior to making pivotal decisions. Once committed to a cause, Sabina has a proven track record of bringing qualities such as courage, commitment, empathy, expectation, and well-timed humor to the journey. Though an achiever, she does not claim to speak from a position of perfection but from that of a pilgrim eager to help others on their journey. These are among the reasons, I believe Sabina has the attributes required of a mentor.  I wish her and all the young people she will guide, the very best.



I am infinitely grateful to have a soul like Sabina’s inspire that growth.  My life is truly brighter for having this wonderful personality in it. With the mental-health space so filled with platitudes, it’s invigorating to have someone that leads by example. Skipping the nebulous hum-drum of the self-help section, Sabina has a fantastic ability to provide concise, nurturing, judgement-free advice that relates to the modern generation. In addition to being an incredible source of introspective-commentary, she also understands that sometimes people just need a shoulder to cry on. . solutions to our complexities.


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