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Seema's Expressso

Practising Psychotherapist | Educator | Trainer | Instructional Designer  

 A passionate and optimistic individual who enjoys being in the
present and looks at the world through an unbiased and open lens.
A leader with a keen eye for spotting talent and an ability to facilitate
collaboration between cross-functional teams.




10 - 19 years


Teenagers/Young Adults/Parents

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“In my early professional years, I was asking the question:
How can I treat, or
cure, or change this person?
Now I would phrase the question in this way:
How can I provide a relationship
which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

Carl Rogers

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All-Round growth in the habit forming years.  
Mentoring 10 - 19 year olds
on three key areas of their life

Self Development
Social Development
Career Development

Office work


10 - 19 years

Weekly LIVE Mentorship for 1 hour
Exposure to 52 must have skills
Daily activities on Brain Development
Digital workbook
Access to Student Community
Certificate of Level Completion
Quarterly conference - TES Talks
Eligible for ME Awards


INR 2000/month*

*Quarterly renewal



7:30 pm - 8:30 pm IST 

Ages: 10-19 years


An effective therapist helps an individual in:
- Providing unconditional emotional 
support when an individual is distresse
-  Venting out thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental environment.
- Building a bond as an Empathetic friend
 who listens and helps to put thoughts in order.
- E
xploring alternatives and helping in making rational decisions.
- Empowering to either resolve or cope with past or present issues



One -on -one confidential sessions 
Regular Reflective Homework 
Use of psychological Tools 
Create a Goal setting Roadmap for self 


INR 2500/-




29 - year - old Wedding Planner, Educator 

Two years ago, when I was in one of the darkest phases of my life, I was advised by a friend to try therapy. I was sceptical about it, like most of them are, because I felt that by going to Therapy, I was possibly going to make the issue that I was dealing with a mountain out of a molehill. At the therapy session I met Seema, this person who seemed warm and sunny but also deeply empathetic. She gave what I didn't even realise I needed at the time, Validation, that my feelings are important. And then I visited her week after week for two years, and she helped me dig deep into my emotions, thoughts, believes, making me so self-aware, that many a times I would have Epiphanies (tiny and transformational) that I would wait to discuss with her.
She's everything a good human should be- kind, patient, loving and she's even a fantastic counsellor/therapist- invested in her counsel's well-being and empowerment. I'm always so thankful that our paths crossed when it did, my mind and life wouldn't be the same otherwise!

19 - year - old Psychology Student, Sportsman

Seema ma' am to be very honest I don' t how to thank you ❤️, I don't even know
how would I have been without you. You were there for me exactly when I
needed someone's help, you listened to me, you understood me, you empowered me to take my own decisions. Ma'am you are one of the most important people in my life ❤️ who helped me to get through my darkest days. Thanks a million Ma'am. 


Kavyashree 27 - year - old
Mental Health Counsellor,Ex Software Engineer

Seema helped me out a lot while making the biggest decision of my life: marriage. She was very empathetic, friendly, sensible, and a great listener. She helped me understand my readiness for marriage and my expectations about it. Seema guided me well in choosing the right person considering my mindset, lifestyle, and value system. I got a lot of clarity about myself after consulting her. She really understood my feelings and thought process and made things very easy. 
Thanks a lot, Seema 

19 - year - old Psychology Student 

Have u ever felt like the whole room's just dark and there's no source of light but then u see a firefly flying ? You are stunned to speak but at the same time you just admire the beauty and somehow that's calming you down. Well, that's the thing that I experienced with Seema Ma'am.She had the constant spark and smile to make the person on the other side feel better. There were days where she had back-to-back meetings or when I couldn't make it to sessions due to my schedule but she didn't just give up on me. She kept checking in on me and made sure I felt comfortable and relaxed. It wouldn't be wrong if I said she would be the person I would feel free to reach out to whenever I'm feeling down. Thank you, Seema ma’am, for being the firefly in my journey.

Father of Manvitha (Manvitha is now in grade 6)

Seema ma'am taught my elder daughter Manvitha when she was in UKG. When my younger daughter was born, Manvitha could not attend her LKG classes nearly for four months. Most phonetics, learning, and speaking skills were
taught in school at that time. Manvitha used to be very shy and a little bit dull
as she was not able to compete with her classmates at that time. Luckily at that
time, Seema ma'am took over the class and we observed changes clearly in
Manvitha’s behaviour, confidence, and her speaking skills improved gradually.
Parent Teacher meetings were the best part of our interaction, she guided us
with the best advice regarding the overall improvement of children as a mother
rather than a teacher. She was the benchmark of Teacher's performance. We
still remember the PTM as though it had happened yesterday. It still makes a lot
of good impact on us!


29 - year - old, Artist. 

My sessions with Seema have been incredibly rewarding. Seema treats me with
respect and care, which makes me feel very comfortable. I can calmly discuss
my turbulent marital issues with her without any hesitation. I have slowly
started loving myself again. Now I am feeling more confident to take a tough
decision in life.


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